Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday 2 May

Saturday 2 May


Visited room where Atahualpa was held prisoner, Churches in Cajamarca, Bano del Inca, and some museums.


S. habrochaities in Cajamarca cemetery


This is a massive population >100 plants

One plant on top of graves at north end of cemetery (S7 10.059, W78 30.507 Alt 2726m = 8996ft)

More plants in middle of cemetery (S7 10.121, W78 30.484)

Very large population at south end of cemetery (S7 10.202, W78 30.457) many plants have fruit at this end of the cemetery.  Some plants very large (~10m in diameter).  Population may be 100 plants.

All plants growing in rich moist soil.


Drove to Cumbe Mayo on the mountain above Cajamarca.

S7 11.427, W78 34.374 Alt 3603m = 11,889ft


Also found a couple (~2) S. habrochaities along the road above town (S7 09.972, W78 31.179).

No fruit, no collection.

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