Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thursday 30 April

Drive up 

PanAm  Hiway.  Head north toward San Pedro de Lloc.  Want to pick up Hiway 8 to Cajamarca.  Want to collect on the Rio Jequetepeque.  Lots of rice growing in this valley.


Stopped in Tembldera (S7 15.212, W79 07.856) noted a few peruvianum plants along the road into town (downstream).


COLLECTION 8041-1,2,3 (PIMP3)

S. pimpinellifolium is growing abundantly along the roads in town.  Noted one cultivated tomato amongst them.  Collected many fruits as well as flowers for pollinations.  Soil is dry and rocky, but there is still plenty of organic matter.  Temp 95 F.


Lunch in town square (S 7 15.190, W79 07.829)


Found a sympatric site a few km along the road (upstream) of town. 

PERPIM (S7 15.324, W79 06.002)

COLLECTION 8042 S. preuvianum-arcanum

COLLECTION 8041 S. pimpinellifolium (same collection number as in town)

arcanum is growing in the rock walls along the road, at least 5 plants, pimp is growing along the roadside amid ruined walls, soil rocky and dry, but plenty of organic matter >10 pimp plants…site stretches for ~50m along the road…there is a great deal of bee damage on both the arcanum and the pimp…..may be an indication of interspecific challenge but no pollinators observed directly


collected plenty of fruit off the pimp


Found a second sympatric site near the Pte Muyuna bridge at S7 12.939, W78 47.246 alt 940m.

COLLECTION  8043 S. peruvianum-arcanum

COLLECTION 8044 S. pimpinellifolium


Pimp is again growing all along the road on both sides of the river.  Soil is rocky and dry, but plenty of organic matter.  Arcanum plants growing in the rock walls on the south side of the bridge, but also found in the soil along the road.  Plenty of fruit collected from both Arcanum and pimp.


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