Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sunday 3 May

Drove back toward Pachasmayo on Hwy 8.  Roger observed that there are patches of pavement pretty much all along the road.  Nevertheless, it is a very bumpy road.


Stopped at a graveyard to look for S. habrochaities (S7 15.240, W78 29.342).


There is a large population of S. habrochaities growing on a stone wall surrounding a corn field ~100m NW of the grave yard (S7 15.247, W78 29.425 Alt 2803m =  9,250ft)

Soil is rich and moist>10 plants growing all around the stone Wall, Judy D.


Hab6 collected styles for RNA


Collected 6 bees representing 3-4 species


Observed more S. habrochaities along the road, especially between ~2700-2650m, some near S7 16.458,W78 31.524 and S7 17.026, W38 31.323 (read in moving vehicle)


S. arcanum spotted on the road at (S7 16.697, W78 35.613, Alt 1583m)


Side trip up the road from Chilete toward Rupe.  Road is very narrow with lots of switchbacks.


Found a sympatric S. habrochaities-S. arcanum site under a bridge at (S7 17.236, W78 49.265, Alt 1587). 





Roger spotted one S. habrochaities along the road (from the van) growing below 1365m but I could not get GPS reading.  This seems to be a fairly extensive sympatric site, as S. Arcanum was sited at several places along the road and S. habrochaities was sited at least twice.


At the bridge site (S7 17.236, W78 49.265, Alt 1587), both species were found growing right in the stream bed..from ~50m upstream of the bridge to ~75m downstream.  S. arcanum is also growing in the road cut and the rocky embankment.  At least 3 S. habrochaities and 4 S. arcanum were found at the bridge site.


On the way back, stopped to collect S. arcanum near the following sites (not exact because the van was sometimes moving).  Also the GPS is slow when close to the cliff.  Further, the altitude is important because the road has switchbacks.

S7 16.889, W78 49.358 Alt ??1564m

S7 16.629, W78 49.366 Alt ??

S7 16.559, W78 49.415 Alt 1508m

S7 16.392, W78 49.669 Alt 1328m

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